The Influence of Social Media on Community Behavior

The use of means of communication media nowadays has grown so rapidly along with advances in communication technology, where we are faced with many choices to be able to convey / access information either through conventional media such as print or electronic media and the most developed is social media.

The notion of social media is an online media, where users can easily participate, share and create content including blogs, social networks (Facebook, Youtube, Myspace and Twitter), wikis, forums and virtual worlds. In the use of social media that is most often used by people is social networking, because this site allows people to create a personal web page, which can be connected with friends to share information and communicate.

Of the many social networks, the use of Facebook and Twitter is the most loved by people because it is more practical pkv games online, economical and inexpensive to use. It is enough to have a smartphone so we can access information anytime and anywhere through social media, and the most interesting thing is that we can convey information related to our activities, both personal and group.

The use of social media has penetrated almost all levels and groups, including government officials, businessmen, traders, Ustas, students, students, etc. The use of social media was first carried out through the sending of the first electronic mail by ARPA (Advanced Research Project Agency) researchers in 1971, which developed to give birth to the GeoCities website in 1995 which served Web Hosting, which is a website data storage rental service so that website pages can be accessed from anywhere. Then the name Siosia networking site was born in 1997, in 1999 a site to create a private block, namely Blogger, appeared, which offered users the ability to create their own web page that could contain anything, including personal matters, without spending a lot of money and labor. Social media users are free to create messages, edit, add, modify text, images and videos, graphics and so on. Everything can be done alone without the help of others, practically right? This is what causes social media to develop so rapidly.

Positive Impact of Social Media

The use of social media has a very positive impact, especially in interacting socially, politically and economically. The use of social media makes it easy to communicate, both friends and family, which is not possible to do face to face because of the distance factor.

We can send the required information easily and quickly, as well as in accessing the information we need. We have met a lot of friends or family who haven’t met for a long time through the social media Facebook. Social media can be used as a means of sharing, exchanging photos, data and other documents. Social media can also be used as a means of promotion with various products / services that can be offered to social media users without having to pay a lot of money but with multiple benefits. So it is not surprising that nowadays online businesses have mushroomed through social media, even in big cities the use of political communication through social media has become a powerful enough media to influence candidate pairs.

Negative Impact of Social Media

The use of social media can also have a negative impact on society, as we see now that social media is used as a medium to instill hatred against others by uploading unethical words or images so that a feeling of displeasure and hate for someone is created, especially those who has an important position in both the government and State institutions.

Social media is used as a means to berate and even promote others, this behavior is very dangerous, especially with regard to the survival of the state and the Republic of Indonesia. Maybe in the future, before going too far, there needs to be a control to regulate the use of social media as a means of communication so that unwanted things do not happen.

The use of social media also has an impact on husband and wife relationships, because it can trigger jealousy between partners if one partner builds an unnatural relationship. There are so many cases that we see in which a household falls apart and ends up divorcing due to uncontrolled use of social media and innocent children who bear the risk.

Social Media and Behavior Change

The use of social media also brings about changes in behavior towards society. For example, we rarely communicate with the surrounding environment, for example when queuing at service counters, each of them is busy with their smartphones without caring about the people around them, even many people we see including our work colleagues, their work is not finished or is even neglected. because he is busy commenting or providing comments via Facebook, which is actually not very useful for him.

And what is most concerning is the impact of social media on the behavior of our teenage children, they become apathetic and indifferent to their environment, we parents find it increasingly difficult to communicate with our children, let alone be expected to help complete homework. Social media makes our children more lazy to learn and unruly, because almost all of their time is spent tinkering with information, whether at school, outside of school or at home. Children prefer social media to express their grievances than their parents, and the worst is that almost all the problems they face convey to social media, including things that are private so that everyone knows, even though people don’t need to know. . they do not realize that what we convey has become public consumption and is difficult to take back. This problem cannot be tolerated, there needs to be a solution considering that our children are our hope who will continue the leadership relay going forward.