Understanding Modern Lifestyle According to Experts, Understand Before Implementing It!

Modern lifestyle, until now, is still a controversial topic. Some people want to change their lifestyle according to the times to become more modern. But on the other hand, there are still those who want to live traditionally with a variety of routines that have been carried out from generation to generation like rituals.

The definition of modern lifestyle itself can be interpreted as a phenomenon of social change which is described as having high mobility, an attitude of trust in science and technology, and openness to accept progress in any field.

According to Soerjono Soekanto, Lecturer Head of Sociology and Customary Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia, the modern lifestyle is defined as a social change that has previously been arranged and planned in advance. Meanwhile, according to Wilbert E. Moore, the modernization process is defined as the total transformation of traditional or pre-modern coexistence in terms of technology and social organization towards the economic and political patterns that characterize stable western countries.

Without realizing it, this lifestyle change can have an important influence on the human soul. There are several examples of modern lifestyles that are currently very familiar with our daily lives, especially for those of you who live in big cities.

Modern lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle

Even though you adopt a modern lifestyle, it doesn’t mean that you live arbitrarily without adjusting your diet or your health condition. And this is very well aware of by adherents of the modern lifestyle. Especially with the existence of celebrities or healthy lifestyle actors on social media, making today’s modern society inspired.

Training rooms such as fitness centers and yoga began to be crowded, and various kinds of healthy eating patterns began to appear. Of course, the modern lifestyle is not just a matter of outward appearance, but how a person can strengthen the soul to continue living a healthy lifestyle.

Modern lifestyle with minimalist life

A minimalist lifestyle is also an example of a modern lifestyle that is applied to the interior of the house. The times and technology have influenced changes in the way of life of today’s society. One of them is reflected in the inspiration of a house or residence with a modern concept.

Not only the room arrangement that seems simple, the selection of furniture with sleek designs and minimal decorations are the hallmarks of a place to live for someone who adopts a modern lifestyle. The concept of open space in minimalist housing is also inspired by the notion of a modern lifestyle that rests on modernization and dynamic change.

Traveling the world is the main goal of modern society

High mobility is one of the characteristics of the modern lifestyle. Especially with the existence of sophisticated technology, the availability of various means of transportation and transportation services, making today’s modern society seem to be spoiled.

Vacations or traveling are increasingly categorized as entertainment trends, especially for young people who adopt a modern lifestyle. Apart from the realities of life at that time, they can be refreshed by visiting various places or countries.

It’s easy to find information via the internet

Modern lifestyle requires us to always be connected to the environment, especially through the internet. Naturally, electronic devices such as laptops and personal cell phones with sophisticated features are a necessity today for those who adopt a modern lifestyle.

Through the internet, those who adopt a modern lifestyle can freely search and get information about important events happening in the world or current topics of conversation that need to be known.

Make social status as something important

In big cities, the modern lifestyle means considering social status as something important and usually marked by the appearance or brand of all kinds of goods owned and used, residential property, and so on. Those who adhere to a modern lifestyle are also considered to have a self-orientation that tends to highlight their own interests. Usually they will not hesitate to oppose what they feel is violating or not in accordance with their interests.

The existence of a modern lifestyle is undeniable and real in front of our eyes. Staying from yourself, whether you can take the positive side of a modern lifestyle, or even fall asleep and sink to the negative side of this lifestyle. Hopefully this article can inspire you!

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Often Confused What People Say About Life Choices? Don’t Waste Your Time Again

Living life is always full of struggle, especially when faced with various choices of life choices. From career, family, personal to financial problems. You must face all of these choices.

Of these life choices, there are some that you can face and some that you cannot face. Of the various life choices you face, not a few people comment. Instead of being supportive, a lot of what other people say is dropping.

Young woman standing in front of two roads. Difficulties in choosing.

Now, you must focus on positive and optimistic things that support every life choice according to your choice and don’t worry about what other people say. Because the life that lives is oneself, not someone else.

There are several tips that you can implement:

1. Choose a way of life according to your conscience and what you believe

We are often faced with various life choices even to the point where it is difficult to decide. When choosing, you have to start asking questions with your little conscience. Whether that choice is appropriate, whether you believe that choice is the best choice, to other questions.

Crossroad signpost saying this way, that way, the other way concept for lost, confusion or decisions

It’s not easy, but start being honest with your conscience. Choose the path that makes you doubt the least and the risk is small if you are not able to accept the risks. Nothing is wrong, because all decisions are the best choices that you can live right now.

2. Understand your current condition rather than listening to other people’s words

The opinions of others about us can indeed vary and there are still many that are not in accordance with your own condition. How much do you still listen to people who of course don’t understand you at this time. The most important thing is to adjust it to the conditions, not what other people say.

Do other people have the right to control our lives? Of course not. Understanding yourself is the most important thing. That way you can focus on choosing life choices that match what supports your dreams.

3. Don’t be afraid to make decisions even when faced with difficult choices

Every choice is nothing easy. There are times when both are faced with very difficult choices. You need to remember that in each option you will choose, there must be pluses and minuses. Especially those related to your life in the future.

Many people worry that they will make the wrong choice. It’s natural, but you have to start to be brave to choose in the middle of the difficulty of that choice. This will mature the process of living life. Because life goes on and there is always a lot to be faced.

It’s okay to be upset because it’s human, but don’t let it drag on to make you sad and unable to make a decision. Keep on facing it and don’t let you blame others for your every decision.

Get to know hedonism, a consumptive lifestyle that can make finances languish

You must have heard the word ‘hedon’ as in everyday conversation ‘you really hedon’ and so on. Usually, the word is used to describe or criticize someone who has a consumptive lifestyle, wasteful of using money for things that are not important.

The word hedon is also commonly said to someone who has high shopping desire, buying this item without thinking. Actually, what is meant by hedonism and its ins and outs, to how to avoid hedonistic behavior? The following is the explanation as quoted from various sources.

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Definition of Hedonism

Hedonism comes from the Greek language, namely hedonismeos with the root word hedone. The word hedone means “pleasure,” while hedonismos is defined as a perspective that assumes that people will be happy by seeking as much pleasure as possible. This pleasure can be obtained in various ways, such as enjoying entertainment, owning property, sexual activities, and so on.

History of Hedonism

The word hedonism has appeared since the beginning of the emergence of philosophy, or when humans started to do philosophy in 433 BC. This view emerged when Socrates, one of the most famous philosophers, questioned the purpose of human life in this world. This question eventually gave birth to a view of hedonism. At that time hedonism was not to describe negative behavior, but to describe the essence of human existence on this earth.

The answer to Socrates’ question which later became the view of hedonism or which is now known as hedonism originated from the thoughts of several other philosophers, such as Aristippus and Epicureans. The two philosophers have different views on hedonismos.

Aristippus described all human pleasures as physical, as well as his displeasure. Meanwhile, Epikuros defines hedonism as human happiness that must be obtained by balancing positive and negative things. Unlike Aristippus, Epicurean implanted the spiritual aspects of the individual in his thinking.

Furthermore, various people who describe this thought in modern times ultimately have the same outline, that hedonism is the view of a person who tries to live for pleasure as the ultimate goal, especially for himself.

The Positive and Negative Sides of Hedonism

If you look at the meaning of hedonism at the beginning of this view, then hedonism is not a really bad thing. Seeking pleasure in life is not wrong in this short life. However, if seeking pleasure is made as an absolute goal, then a person will not have empathy for other individuals because they are only trying to continuously fulfill personal pleasure.

There are two factors why human behavior and perspective on life can lead to hedonism, including:

– Internal Factor

This factor is actually embedded in most humans, maybe almost all of them. There is an insatiable sense of pleasing oneself. This can be positive if channeled to continue learning, such as thirst for knowledge, education, desire to be more advanced. However, if this feeling of insatiability is only for personal pleasure, it can have bad consequences and become the forerunner of consumerist behavior.

– External Factor (External Factor)

One of the external factors of hedonism in society, including in Indonesia, is the entry of globalization so that you get various views and see lifestyles and habits from outside. Advances in technology, such as the internet, are able to change people’s behavior in getting pleasure. For example, social media is mushrooming, where users show their existence, such as showing off a glamorous lifestyle, luxury goods, and others.

The emergence of hedonism in society has both positive and negative impacts. From the negative side, people who adhere to a hedonistic view of life have the following characteristics:

1. Tend to be more selfish
2. Do not have empathy for the social environment
3. Trying to achieve his pleasure by all means
4. Conduct rationalization or justification for their pleasures when the pleasure is contrary to legal and social norms
5. Can do everything possible to fulfill his pleasure so that it might harm others.

On the other hand, hedonistic behavior can provide a positive side to people who adhere to this perspective of life, including being able to take advantage of all opportunities well, never give up in achieving goals, and have strong motivation to get what you want.

Shifting Meanings of Hedonism in the Modern Era

Today, the meaning of hedonism for most people describes hedonism as a consumptive behavior or consumerism that has a negative impact on adherents. Of course this lifestyle is influenced by internal and external factors, including:

From a child, parents are too spoiled, given various facilities or conveniences so that they feel they always get what they want regardless of the balance of needs, and other factors
2. The presence of ‘influencers’ on social media greatly affects jealousy to have luxurious things that are actually not able to be obtained so that they force all means even though they have to be in debt
3. Associating or associating with people who have a luxury standard of living, using branded goods, so that they feel inferior when they are not equal to them. Finally, in order to follow the association, you are willing to spend money to buy the same thing
4. The mushrooming of financial access for people to borrow money and easily repay it.

How to Avoid Hedonic and Consumptive Behavior

Hedon which can lead to consumptive behavior is a life habit that can damage your finances. This lifestyle is inherent among the millennial generation. The salaries of these young people are used up for hanging out in cafes, snacking coffee, eating at restaurants, traveling, and other consumptive behavior without having any savings or investment.

Get rid of hedonistic behaviors or lifestyles if you don’t want to get into financial problems in the future. There are several ways to avoid hedonic behavior, including:

– Make a Priority List of Needs
The first step to stay away from living a hedonistic life, is to compile a list of your priority needs. Write down the list, and keep it in your mind so that it becomes a reminder. So when the desire to buy something is out of necessity, you have to think long whether the item is really needed or not, it can still be postponed or not. Trying to carry out this commitment, so that you are able to hold back your lust to buy things outside of your need.

– Saving and Investing
Every time you receive a salary, immediately use it for routine expenses, such as paying for your house rent, electricity and water bills, if you have debt repayments. Don’t forget to set aside money for savings, emergency funds, and investments. These three are very important so that your finances are stable. If there is a sudden need, you can use an emergency fund. While saving and investing to guarantee your future finances.

– Make a Financial Budget
In order to avoid a hedon lifestyle, you need to make a financial budget. That way, you can find out how much money from income you can spend. How to manage finances usually uses the 50-20-30 system. Each salary or income you receive every month, allocate 50% for daily living expenses, such as food, transportation costs, paying for house rent, electricity and water bills, including credit card bills. Next, set aside 20% of your salary for savings and investments, as well as an emergency fund, while the remaining 30% of your budget is for entertainment, holidays, shopping for clothes or buying the things you want.

– Reduce Credit Card Swipes
Credit cards make it very easy for someone to shop, buy goods, eat at restaurants, and buy tickets for music concerts. Credit cards also offer easy installment payments. But remember using a credit card is tantamount to debt. Even though you can pay it in installments, if you are late you will be fined. Use credit cards wisely, to save on existing promos. Make sure to use a credit card within your budget.

– Charity and charity
This one might sound a little cliché. Charity and charity can keep you from hedonic behavior. You would think that there are still many people who are not as fortunate as you and need your helping hand. This will make you think twice when you want to waste money.

Don’t Get Trapped

The hedon lifestyle is indeed dazzling to the eye. Once trapped, it’s hard to get out of the puddle because there are things that are tempting. Even those who have realized, can get caught again. Therefore, it takes commitment and a strong will to leave it. Start life as is and not too much.